Nutrilite: Small Product, Big Name

nutrilite_logoLike any triathlete with moderate knowledge of the sport, I take note when I see the IronMan logo on something or supporting a product. Not too long ago, I happened upon a page on the IronMan website supporting a new supplement by Amway. What struck me about the page was not the write-up but the name – “Nutrilite.” From a number of triathlon circles I’m in, it sounded like a name that would resonate with a typical triathlete – it insinuated light and nutritious, but still looked and sounded healthfully legitimate. The IronMan webpage even pushed Nutrilite as the “fourth leg” to any good triathlon training plan. So it seemed a good academic exercise to examine what makes the Nutrilite name such a good fit.

Nutrilite is a vitamin and mineral brand, and a number of attributes make the name strong and memorable. The root, taken from “nutrition,” identifies the core value of the product – it enhances your daily nutrition by providing you with extra vitamins and minerals. Right from the start, it suggests to the consumer exactly what it does. The suffix of the word is equally as effective. “Lite” is used as a homonym. Meaning, the product supplements your daily nutrition by a small quantity (“light”), and simultaneously legitimizes itself by using a common dietary-industry spelling (“lite”).

When specifically thinking about triathletes, this name appeals to some of their core values. If an athlete is competing at the IronMan level, supplementing his/her nutrition is a requirement. Put another way, I have never met an IronMan (or woman) who hasn’t taken nutritional supplements. Second, triathletes, and many athletes and other supplement users, consider body weight when making nutritional decisions. A product that packs a big punch in a small volume is exactly what these consumers are looking for (e.g. Gu’s, Gu Brew, etc.) – the “lite” suffix addresses this.

In summary, Nutrilite is a good thing that comes in a small package, and additionally it demonstrates that a big name can help separate a great product from the pack of wanna-be’s.

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