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The Double Churn Name


Naming a Business or Brand is Easy with a Smart Creative Process

Christy from NameStormers dives into the creative process of brand naming for company Desert Glory’s new grape tomato Cherubs. See her thought process from concept mapping to the stream-of-consciousness name development process that works well for just about any naming consulting engagement, including company naming, service naming, and nonprofit naming too. The right brand name attracts more customers and her sharp wit is a brilliant example of the creativity inherent in the NameStormers brand naming development team. Call for timely, efficent naming services built to suit for a flat fee.


Advanced Brand Naming Tip | Fact Check Bi-lingual Translations

Advanced tip for naming a company from NameStormers: Keep the brand name spelled in english instead of translating it because the translation might already have a different meaning. Brands speak so make sure you outsmart the language barrier in company and brand naming.


Question: What brand name would you sing about at an American Idol audition?

Having the perfect brand name for your business does wonders…Bad news for James Kravers when he shares his excitement for Dorito’s Pizza Cravers potato chips in front of American Idol judges. NameStormers will brainstorm a memorable name brand worth singing about with our timely, efficent naming services customized to your business needs.

Advanced Tips on Naming a Business, Brand, or Service

Even though several introductory free naming guides and naming checklists are available from other name consultant firms, few company naming consultants reveal the keys to a successful brand naming process. In this naming video, Mike shares 5 NameStorming® secrets used to develop a company, product or service name.  Specializing in business naming and brand naming services, we can conduct linguistal and legal reseach, test the success of your name, design logos and taglines for your branding strategy and more!

Keep NameStormers’ tips in mind when naming a company, service, brand, nonprofit, or product:

  • Memorability is the Golden Rule. The perfect name makes the perfect first impression.
  • Take the negative off the table during a brainstorming session. Keep only the best.
  • Encourage everyone be the advocate, not a critic.
  • Think like the customer to connect with rationale and emotions.
  • The best names are rarely the safest.


Choose NameStormers for Quick, Easy, and Fun Company Naming Services

Creating names for your business and products doesn’t have to be exhausting or complicated. NameStormers streamlines company naming and brand naming by creating brand names in under a week—our record naming project took only 48 hours from start to finish! The brand naming process at NameStormers is fast, easy, fun and relatively inexpensive when compared to what naming consultants typically charge. We’re experts is devising winning company names. Watch this video to learn more about our comprehensive naming services.


Company Naming: The NameStorming Edge

Since 1985, NameStormers has worked with thousands of international companies to create memorable and engaging brand names in less time and for less money. Some of the top ad and branding companies enlist us to generate the best names possible for their business, products, and services. We set a flat fee for company naming and brand naming services including logo and tagline design, guiding your team through a fun and professional creative process.

NameStormers can analyze the success of your new brand name before finalizing it by testing customer responses and through legal and linguistal research. Clients work directly with senior people and benefit from our open communication policy and experience that exceeds just about every other naming consulting firm still in the industry today. Read our customer reviews and hear why other clients choose NameStormers for their company naming needs.


How a Successful Brand Name Passes the Test

When naming a business, NameStormers helps your company arrive at a final company name through creative and mathmatical methods. We can take the top names for a test spin firstand judge the future success of your new brand name. Complete naming services including optional name testing because you might need an external, customer reaction to your favorite names before you make the final selection.  This NameStormers video highlights the steps of an effective brand name testing research process.  Note that we test the memorability of your company brand name, see that it passes legal and linguistal analysis, and compare how well it scores against national norms we have established over the years.


Double Churn Ice Cream Is Just So Creamy

Skyla Huckabee is one of the world’s foremost ice cream critics.  She also knows an awful lot about Powerpuff Girls, speedy fast boats and what makes Breyers’ Double Churn so incredibly soft and smooth. Get professional, creative results with NameStormers’ naming services.


NameStormers Customer Review  | – Part 1

NameStormers recieves an excellent rating from ecommerce manager David Whitworth from who chose the naming agency to help his business navigate the creative process of brand name development, aquire an online business domain, as well as get legal and linguistal analysis of the new company name. NameStormers is lauded for their creativity and open communication in generating a business name that cuts through the clutter, conveys your key point of differentiation, and gets you noticed.


NameStormers Customer Review  | – Part 2

Eco-Friendly online printing company uses FSC-certified material and excels in affordability. Check out this video interview with NameStormers, their naming agency of choice.

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  • Testimonials

  • Thanks so much for all your expert advice and professional project management throughout this endeavor. This has been one of the most satisfying engagements with a vendor that I have experienced over the years, which speaks to the high quality and thoughtful output of your efforts. I especially appreciated your flexibility and patience as the project took on new challenges which impacted the scope of work. You can be certain that as our business grows, NameStormers will be top-of-mind for future work.
    Will Jarred - Executive Director of Sales & Marketing - ETS - Educational Testing Service
  • ________________

  • We have rarely encountered the level of service and professionalism we received with you. You made us feel that we were important, and you did everything you said you would do when you said you would do it. And frankly, after such a positive experience with you, I can't help but notice how the service we receive from others pales in comparison. We felt like you put your heart into this project, and we will forever appreciate the attention you gave us. Whenever we encounter anyone in the future who needs your services, you will be the first and only name we recommend. Thank you. We have sincerely enjoyed working with you.
    Tim Dietrich - CEO, formerly Amicus Mutual Insurance Company, now Stonetrust Commercial Insurance Company
  • ________________

  • Thank you for your excellent work, great customer service, and fast turnaround. I'd be happy to provide references for you. We decided on Alliant as a good tie to the corporate name: Virginia Mason-Group Health Alliance, Inc. And we've got two Alliant Health Plans, Plus which is a point of service plan, and Select for the HMO.
    Paula Heath - Director of Advertising & Sales Promotion - Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound
  • ________________

  • I want to thank you very much for your team's effort on this project. You all worked very quickly and gave us excellent direction. I am sure many hours were spent in developing the many name lists you presented us. Your added value enabled us to move forward with a name consumers preferred over the prior internal name. I look forward to working with your company in the future!
    Brand Category Manager - A Major Global Tire Company
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